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The activities of Clean Fuels for a sustainable energy economy

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For a development towards a sustainable energy economy we need technology innovations. Clean Fuels stands at the basis of some of them.

We are a technology firm with a focus on the production of sustainable energy carriers made of biomass. Our Intellectual Property is our Know-How and our Patents Portfolio, which is continually being developed further, based on decades of experience.

Our major technology innovations are highlighted under
Products & Technologies of Clean Fuels.

We supply carbonisation and pyrolysis equipment, with a use license for the IP involved. Our supplies include raw materials testing as well as operator training.

Our markets are both in the industrialized world and in developing countries.
For the Research & Development, we appreciate intensive cooperation with others, such as the University of Twente. Clean Fuels is being co-financed with an Innovatiekrediet of the Dutch Ministry of Economy.